10 Movie Kisses That Were Unscripted

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These movie kisses were completely improvised!

Like awesome action scenes, moments where primary character kiss can be the ultimate climax in a story line, as the plot builds up to character chemistry reaching a boil, the kiss can be the release the audience desires. Kissing scenes can be the most important part of the story they are trying to tell- but sometimes, they are not even originally in the story at all.

In this video we will look at some of the most iconic kissing scenes that were never meant to be. From ultimate moments of improvisation and spontaneity, to secret crushes coming to a head, to using a kiss to get out of forgetting your lines- we will look into some of the most exciting on screen kisses and some of the most uncomfortable. Get ready to enter the kissing booth!

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Written by: Aiden M
Narrated by: Ariel
Edited by: Dylan McLeod

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