???????? ANGEL AND DEMON SOULMATES ???????? Gacha Club Mini Movie Love Story ???? ORIGINAL GCMM

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Angel and Demon Soulmates is a Gacha Club Mini Movie Love Story! An original GCMM made by me! Let me know if you'd like to see a Gacha Club series and what other Gacha Club / Gacha Life Mini Movie stories you'd like to see next!
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Music by Gil Wanders - By The River -
Music by Chinsaku - Midnight -

Melody was an average girl with an average life, or so she thought. She was a loner in school, and one day, she became so lonely, she wished for a friend. That night, she saw a vision of her soulmate in her dream. Unknowingly, she met the soulmate from her dream at work. His name is Craig. He was a pretty boy and he knew it. All the girls had a crush on him. He knew he could get away with anything, so he was quite a self-absorbed person with a cold heart. Nothing and no one could satisfy him, until he met his match: someone who was better than him at something, Melody. Craig couldn’t stand not being the best, so he made it his mission to try and break Melody’s heart. Breaking hearts is what he knew best, after all. Craig put on his fake friend mask and charmed his way into Melody’s heart, making her believe she was special. He acted like her boyfriend without the actual title. As you know, that would require actual commitment, and he couldn’t possibly handle being a true gentleman! This grown boy really had the nerve to ask Melody as his date to prom, and then ghosted her on the day of prom, showing up with another girl: his actual girlfriend that he kept a secret! Melody was humiliated, and it was at that moment, a vision was triggered in Melody’s mind. She remembered her true self! Melody wasn’t just an average girl after all. Little did he know, Craig just made Melody stronger and better than she ever could have been on her own. Thank you, next.

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