Dashain (दशै) - A Musical Film (कम्पनीले पासपोर्ट नै दिदैंन) - Rijan Giri Ft. Ganga Giri

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Dashain 2020 - A Musical Film, based on true historical events

Direction : Aneel Neupane
Music : Sampurna Tamrakar
Lyrics/Vocal/Composition : Rijan Giri & Ganga Giri (Mother Son Duet)

Official Audio:

Few words from the creator:
The story of this SHORT film type music video is based on true events from killings of 12 Nepalese men in Iraq by the Islamic extremists. In the year 2004, America was in the midst of war with Iraq. Nepal had prohibited their nationals to travel or work in Iraq because of security concerns at the time, nonetheless, several Nepalese worked as laborers, drivers, guards, cleaners and cooks in Iraq.

In the same year, 12 Nepalese men had left their home in Nepal with a hope of working for a 5-star luxury hotel in Amman, Jordan. Rather, the employment agency, 'Moonlight consultants', had tricked these young Nepalese men to work on an American Military base in Iraq for a subcontract work. Their luck took a fatal turn as they were kidnapped by the Islamic extremists. The Nepalese captives were murdered and their deaths were captured in one of the first graphic execution videos broadcasted on the internet.

The news of the 12 Nepalese killed circulated in Nepal like wildfire. Many Nepalese felt humiliated and believed these men were killed because Nepal is a small, poor country. Nepalese public turned out in large numbers on the streets of Kathmandu and other nearby cities, and riots ensued. Protestors attacked several employment agencies including Moonlight Consultants. The aftermath resulted in destruction of manpower agencies in Kathmandu by the angry mob. Vandalism also included destruction of mosques in Kathmandu, and widespread reports of violence against the Nepali Muslims.

Several years have gone by since the 2004 mishap, yet the trend of the young Nepalese migrating abroad is only on the rise. The lack of jobs, infrastructures, and the absence of 'rule of law' in Nepal has only added fear and hopelessness in the mind of majority of the Nepalese.

From the autocratic rules of Rana Dynasty, to the monarchial system of Shah Dynasty, from the multi-party democracy governed by Congress party /Communist party, to the shallow revolutionary promises of the Maoist - the bureaucracy remains the same; corruption reigns, infighting continues, yet no clear sign of respite rests on the horizon. The poor remain poor, the middle class seems to collapse, and the corrupted and meritless seem to have taken over.

Although a quick resolution may not be at the bay, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel, hope that a day will come when Nepal will be led by a capable leadership, where jobs and infrastructures will return, and the next generation won't have to sacrifice their youth in a foreign land.


-Main Cast-
Kusendra Purus Dhakal (Father)
Senior Artist 'Laxmi Giri' (Mother)
Rijan Giri (Son)
Aliza Neupane Giri (Wife)
Deepika Neupane (Sister)
Arnav Neupane (Child Actor)
Bikesh Acharya (Informant/Shepherd)
Bishnu Gopal Neupane (Mukhia)
Ram Bharati (friend)
Ratna Bikram GC (friend)
Dipak (Kancha) Koirala (Assassin 1)
Nischal Jung Karki (Assassin 2)

-Supportive Cast-
Ganga Giri
Laxmi Acharya
Sanu Bhai Neupane
Shaubhagya Neupane
Diwakar Neupane
Bibek Acharya
Risan Maharjan
Umang Raj Gurung
Nirmala Bogati
Muiya Neupane


Aneel Neupane

Screenplay/ Editing
Nischal Jung Karki/ Srijan Prajapati

Concept/ Story writing
Rijan Giri

Srijan Prajapati

Camera Assist
Umang Raj Gurung

Graphics VFX
Aman Maharjan

Punam Shakya/ Albina Neupane/ Aman Karna

Make Up Artist
Aliza Neupane Giri

Shoot Location
Kalitaar, Bhaktapur
Bhaisipati, Ktm


Composition + Lyrics
Rijan Giri and Ganga Giri

Vocal (Mother + Son Duet)
Rijan Giri and Ganga Giri

Music Arranger
Sampurna Tamrakar

Background Vocal
Raju Shahi
Divya Dristi
Sandeep Pandey
Sampurna Tamrakar

Vocal Coach
Raju Shah

News Reciter
Subash Karki

Kamal Kumar BK
Manice Gandarva

Dhan Bahadur Tamang

Violin Sections
Bal Gopal Maharjan
Roman Budathoki

Sampurna Tamrakar/ Rijan Giri

Percussion Section
Shambhu Baniya

Section Recording
Studio Bliss (Amrit Bhatta)

Lead Vocal Recording
Magnetic Orange Studio , Ktm

Anindo Bose (Plug N Play Studio), New Delhi

© Rijan Giri Music 2020

Happy Dashain to each and everyone, May everyone's life be fulfilled with peace and prosperity.

Lastly, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family members of the 12 Nepalese killed in Iraq.

Special thanks to::
Sanu Bhai Neupane and beautiful people from Kalitar, Bhaktapur
Sunil Sapkota, and Aswin Raj Kharel
Sandeep Palikhel and Sahara Dhakal.

@WAKAW WakaW Productions for Lyrical Video
@ZerocoolProduction Bibek Chettri for the Poster
Saigrace Pokharel @Saigrace Official
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