Interesting fur animal videos (With commentary)

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@0:00- Zazu dancing to the sound of the shower ????

@0:32-  I didn't know, but I really Love peanut butter!!! ????
Does your doggy love it as well? ????Think like a Puppy ????

@0:43- Wait for the end ???????? ????

@0:51- all time famous clip of me being a drama queen :) ????

@1:04- This lady is so funny! Someone is trying to get my attention! ???? She’s a talker but hardly ever barks unless she really wants your attention! ????

@1:35- Racing into the weekend in my new ruffwear boots,

@1:42- Flying cat????

@1:52-  I also help with household chores????

@2:02- This is how blonde this dog can you can hear him walk into the wall ????????????‍♀️????

@2:14- Lololol ????

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