Kaunsa Kinnow Malta Meeta Aur Kaunsa Karwa Hota Hai? | Interesting Video

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Sargodha is also known as the city of Orange. Orange or Kano of Sargodha is famous all over the world. The Orange born in Sargodha is considered to be number one in the world in terms of stress quality. This video tells the story of the Orange born in Sargodha. The seed of this Orange was brought from California, USA and now Most of the orchards have Cultivated of this is the hub of orange production in Pakistan with an overwhelming share of over 90% in annual output. However, years of neglect have compounded problems of the farmers and exporters and now various diseases are threatening the very existence of orange farms in the city But the research centers are doing its best to boast the quality of Orange.

#OrangeGarden #Kinnow #KinnowAndMalta

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