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Neapolitan Mastiffs, the huge and abundantly wrinkled dog breeds interesting facts video. These mighty Neos can be sweet, loyal companions requiring little exercise. Watch this video to know more about this powerful guardian Mastiff dog whose astounding appearance has intimidated intruders since the days of ancient Rome.

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Neapolitan Mastiff Top 10 Interesting Facts - Dog facts - Fun Facts in pet 2020

Neos Introduction : Huge and abundantly wrinkled, mighty Neapolitan Mastiffs can be sweet, loyal companions requiring little exercise. Learn more about this powerful guardian Mastiff dog whose astounding appearance has intimidated intruders since the days of ancient Rome.

History :

Mastiff-type (also known as Italian dig or Italian Mastiff) dogs have existed for millennia and the first mastiffs are believed to have been developed in Tibet about 5,000 years ago. The giant dogs were bred to be used in battle and as guard dogs, both tasks well suited to their loyal personality and natural guarding instincts. The dog we now know as the Neapolitan Mastiff was developed in Naples, Italy, from which region the breed gets its name. The massive size helped with intimidation, the loose folds of skin protected them from attacks and the natural loyalty of the breed was developed to grow their guarding instinct along with their ability to love and protect their families. Piero Scanziani, the Italian painter, is credited with the Neos’ present-day popularity. Despite centuries of popularity throughout Europe, this breed was almost lost after World War II.

Breed Overview :
This breed is known as Working group.
HEIGHT : 24 to 31 inches
WEIGHT :110 to 150 pounds
COAT AND COLOR : Neapolitan mastiffs guard dogs can appear Black, Blue, Mahogany, and Tawny in color. They may also have a brindle pattern on their short coat.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 7 to 9 years

Unique Aspects :
The Neo’s most defining feature is its numerous luscious folds of skin. This may be a challenge while grooming, but adds to that wise, all-knowing aura of this brave dog. When you’ve gotten over the Neo’s coat, you will arrive at a puddle of drool that will keep you occupied for a lot of the Neo’s life. Cleanliness freaks need not apply to live with a Neo. They are slow moving dogs and definitely need their daily walks, but this breed does not prefer to run for miles or play endless games of fetch. They make great guard dogs, although they are not quick to bite or physically harm strangers. Neos are known to be silent, stealthy dogs that are more capable of creeping up unbeknownst to an intruder than barking a warning ahead of appearing in all their massive glory.

Interesting facts about Neapolitan Mastiff :

1. These canines have a lot of different nicknames. Neapolitan Mastiffs also have quite a few pet names or alternate names like Neos, Mastino Napoletano, Italian Molosso, Can'E Presa, and Mastino. Some people also refer to these canines as the Italian Bulldogs.

2. These canines are believed to be the descendants of the Molossian hounds.
The Molossian Hound or the Molossus hound dog which was an ancient breed from southern Europe is speculated to be the true ancestor of the mastin napolitano mainly because of the looks and resemblance that these two breeds shared with each other.

3. Their tolerance to both heat and cold is not that great.
The Neos usually prefer to stay in a pleasantly warm and balmy area where the temperature mostly remains in the range of 20°C to 30°C.

4. Neapolitan Mastiffs are also called Dangerous Dog or Aggressive Dog breeds because of their size and personality.
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