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Ravichandran, Jaggesh - New Kannada Movies 2020 - Nee Tata Naa Birla Kannada Full Comedy Movie

Film : Nee Tata Naa Birla – ನೀ ಟಾಟಾ ನಾ ಬಿರ್ಲಾ

Stars: Ravichandran, Jaggesh, Jennifer Kothwal, Pooja Gandhi, Nikitha, Keerthi Chawla, Urvashi, Jyothi Rana, Rajan P Dev, Doddanna, Sadhu Kokila, Dharma, Sathyajith, Bullet Prakash, Mallesh, Shobhraj, Kavitha, Rekha Das, Karibasavaiah, Honnavalli Krishna, Sundar Raj, Chidanand, Ramamurthy, Kuri Prathap, Harish Rai

Director Nagendra Magadi
Associate Director R Anantha Raj, P Rajesh, Kadur Shivu
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Banner Mother India Movie Tone
Producer D Ravikumar
Co-Producer S N Doddegowda
Production Executive D Anilkumar, D Ajithkumar
Production Controller Joseph Bhadravathi, Surendra Bhadravathi
Production Manager Mallikarjun K, Papanna
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Story Remake of Boeing Boeing (Malayalam) (1985)
Screenplay Nagendra Magadi
Dialogue Malavalli Saikrishna
Lyrics V Manohar, Hrudayashiva
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Other Crews:

Music Gurukiran
Cinematography Ramesh Babu
Editor Lakshman Reddy
Stunts K D Venkatesh
Choreography Chinni Prakash, Malur Srinivas, Sampath Raj
Art Ismail
Costume Lakshman, Sai (Ravichandran), R Babu (Jaggesh)
Makeup Basavaraj Samshi, Purushottham (Ravichandran), M Gowda (Jaggesh)
PRO Sudheendra Venkatesh
Publicity Designs Mahesh Bhat
Stills Prasad Gandhi
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Sound Recording:

Dialogues Shankar
Effects Rajan
DTS Sathish
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Censor Details:

Color Color (Cinemascope)
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Audio & Video:

Audio On Skanda Audio
Video On Sri Ganesh Video
Runtime 152 min
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Songs & Lyrics:

Song Singer Lyrics
Yaardo Duddu
Karthik, Chaithra V Manohar
Mutthu Kodala
Rajesh Krishnan, Chithra Hrudayashiva
Sakhi Sakhi Gurukiran, Chaithra V Manohar
Yavva Yavva Usha Utthap, Malgudi Shubha, Gurukiran V Manohar
Nee Tata Naa Barla Gurukiran, Shamitha Malnad, Hemanth Kumar V Manohar
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Release info:

Release date 27-06-2008
Main Theater Kapali+Sapna
Weeks 5+3
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Plot Summary:

The film is about two conmen (Ravi and Jaggesh) who don’t stop at anything to con people but then they are more like the modern day Robinhood stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor. In this process, they are approached by a well known don who gives them a once in a life deal. He gives them the details of two very beautiful girls (Jennifer and Pooja) who are working with the Kingfisher and Jet Airways respectively and asks them to trace the code numbers from these pretty hot things. Both of them will be paid 40 lakhs for the deal if everything goes well. Both the fraudsters manage to get in touch with the two girls and even win their hearts and confidence but then they fail to trace the code numbers. Things get more messy when their real wives (Urvashi and Jyothi Rana) come back and top it all the home that both of them are staying actually belongs to someone else and the real owner of the house arrives
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