The Best And Worst Stephen King Movie Sequels

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We took a long, strange trip into the world of Stephen King-less Stephen King sequels, and we found the very best and the very worst.

Oddly, while there have been sequels to Stephen King novels on several occasions, his short stories are the ones that most often get made into franchises. "Sometimes They Come Back," a tale from King's Night Shift collection, has spawned three different, loosely related films since it was first published, but the second one has proven to be the most interesting.

Like the first film, Sometimes They Come is the story of a man facing demonic forces tied to a tragic event in his past, in this case the death of his sister. When the young thugs responsible for her killing manage to, well, come back from Hell, they take the form of demonic tormentors who are determined to finish what they started.

While the first Sometimes They Come Back film certainly leans heavily into the demonic imagery near the end, the sequel goes all-out with it, until the climax is just dripping with over-the-top ritualistic violence. It's a film that traffics in quite a few horror cliches, and it's not exactly a classic, but Sometimes They Come 's willingness to just go full-tilt with its monsters makes it an extremely watchable film, anchored by the scenery-chewing madness of Alexis Arquette. Keep watching the video to see the best and worst Stephen King movie sequels.

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Best: Sometimes They Come | 0:07
Worst: Sometimes They Come More | 1:22
Best: Pet Sematary Two | 2:20
Worst: Creepshow 3 | 3:31
Best: The Rage: Carrie 2 | 4:32

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